BIO - Ira Hoffecker

BIO - Ira Hoffecker

Ira Hoffecker is a German-Canadian artist. Relocating from Germany to Canada in 2004, now a Canadian citizen, she resides and maintains her art practice in Victoria, Canada. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. 

In August 2018 Ira achieved an MFA degree from Plymouth University in England and Transart Institue, New York, N.Y. Ira achieved a First Class Bachelor (Honours) in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire, England in 2015.Previously, Ira studied art at the Vancouver Island School of Art in Victoria, Canada where she obtained a Diploma of Fine Arts in 2013. 

Ira has exhibited in solo, duo and group exhibitions in England, Canada and Germany. In 2015, Ira was one of 20 UK graduates whose work was shortlisted for the Graduate Art Prize in London. She won the first prize in the juried ‘Abstract Show 2015’ in Vancouver with her painting Alexanderplatz VIII. Her Camp Moschendorf II painting was shortlisted for the John Moore Painting Prize 2016. The painting was exhibited at the 2016 Liverpool Biennial.

please visit Ira’s website to see all her exhibitions and a detailed bio. 

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